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Trainz Track Object Asset
CDE AA Trigger Multi Function TANE SP2
Minimum Trainz Version: TANE SP2 / SP3
Date Released: December 26 2022
File Size: 29.38 KB
Freeware Available on DLS
Trainz DLS CDP - FTP Download
Asset Description

AA Trigger Multi Function revised with permission from trev999 to CDE Trainz.

Switch the junction ahead according to a code read from the vehicle triggering the asset. Supports 3-way junctions and flat or hump sorting.

* NOTE: If you are using the original <kuid:647907:100948> CDE AA Trigger Multi Function, you will need to download the new version and manually replacde the old ones. The data structure of the asset has changed and would cause game errors if obsoleted.


  • 0 = Off
  • 1 = Path Seeker
  • 2 = HUMP / Flat sort multiple vehicles
  • 3 = Control Passing Loop
  • 4 = Reserved for future use. Modes greater than 4 are for Hump / Flat sorting but with different ranges

When several triggers are in use for flat sorting, all triggers operate in the same mode and must be set to the same unique channel number. When flat sorting, the locomotive remains coupled to the train. Special commands and assets are needed to stop the train under AI, decouple and return to the starting point. These have not yet been perfected. You may also refresh the name of the junction if it is not correct.

This asset is free to use for personal use. You may modify this and redistribute it, only if it is free of charge and the all the creators are mentioned. Any commercial use is prohibited unless express written permission is granted through CDE Trainz.

Trainz Asset Preview Image

TS12 = Trainz Simulator 12
TANE = Trainz A New Era
TMR17 = Trainz Model Railroad 2017
TRS19 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
TRS22 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022
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