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Trainz Script Asset
CDE DSR Remote Control
Minimum Trainz Version: TANE SP1
Date Released: October 16 2021
File Size: 55.38 KB
Freeware Available on DLS
Trainz DLS CDP - FTP Download
Asset Description
DSR Remote Control revised by permission from trev999 to CDE Trainz.

A driver command for changing the settings of a CDE Directional Speed Retarder group while in driver mode. Groups of retarders having the same name are controlled simultaneously.

Retarder Naming Convention:

• DSR_Retarder_Group_Name
• Retarder_Instance_Name

Example: ‘DSR_A 1’ *note only one space between the names

When a command is issued, all Instances within the DSR’s Group will be affected.

Features: Enable or Disable group and in-session setting of the speed of vehicles leaving the retarders. When the exit speed is set to zero the vehicle brakes are applied.

This asset is free to use for personal use. You may modify this and redistribute it, only if it is free of charge and the all the creators are mentioned. Any commercial use is prohibited unless express written permission is granted through CDE Trainz.

Trainz Asset Preview Image

TS12 = Trainz Simulator 12
TANE = Trainz A New Era
TMR17 = Trainz Model Railroad 2017
TRS19 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
TRS22 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022
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