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Trainz Building Asset
Scrapyard Crane CDE
Minimum Trainz Version: TS12
Date Released: November 03 2021
File Size: 418.42 KB
Freeware Available on DLS
Trainz DLS CDP - FTP Download
Asset Description
Reskinned original by Maddy25

A large animated crane with an electro-magnet for moving ferrous materials. This model has a very large number of polygons. It was made for an area of my route where it is a center of attention and there weren't too many other high-poly objects nearby. I've posted this model on the Download Station since it might be useful to other people as well, but please be aware of its high polygon count.

Polygons: 13,382
Textures: 0.33 MB

Updated to version 3.5

Trainz Asset Preview Image

TS12 = Trainz Simulator 12
TANE = Trainz A New Era
TMR17 = Trainz Model Railroad 2017
TRS19 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019
TRS22 = Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022
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