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CDE Trainz FAQ;

CDE Trainz Route Building Guide

Intended as a guide for help merging CDE Trainz T:ANE Route sections together, or with your own Routes. This guide will also help you if you use these Route sections in Trainz TRS19, as most of the guide works the same, but may not be all inclusive.

CDE Trainz was started as a way to easily ‘snap’ or Merge small Trainz Route sections together. Built on the T:ANE platform, our Free Routes will only work with T:ANE and TRS19.


All the CDE Route sections have connections points which will exactly line up to each other. When you merge them you will see the rail lines in the baseboards. Align them when doing the merge, then connect the tracks.

Each baseboard has 72 - 10 meter squares. A double track mainline will be centered inside a 10 meter square in the center of the baseboard. Since there is an even amount of squares, the track are offset one square South on the East and West ends, one square East on the North and South ends.  So the connections will not be exactly in the center of the baseboard. This is only important if you are Merging one of you own Route sections to a CDE Trainz Route section. Otherwise, with the CDE Routes, the mainlines will naturally meet at the merge points.

All of the CDE Route sections are at 0 (zero) meters height at the ends, or at sea level. The merged track areas are evlevated to 0.5 meters elevation. You will need to consider this if you are Merging Routes made by yourselves or others and they are at specific elevations.


We seriously recommend that when merging, only merge one route at a time. Then save, then exit, and then.. reopen and merge the next section.

All CDE Trainz Route sections have had scripted assets indexed. This is done so when you Merge a CDE Trainz Route with another CDE Trainz Route, there will be no duplicate index numbers that the process will need to renumber.

One last thing, have fun!


CDE Trainz Routes are made by Trainz user Christopher824

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