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Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Model Railroad
Minimum Trainz Version: TRS19 SP2
Date Released: May 03 2021
File Size: 18.37 MB
Route Has 2 Sessions Available;
Available For Sale $14.99 USD
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Asset Description
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Model Railroad - Presented by CDE Trainz

Currently available for sale. You will need at least TRS19 SP2 installed for this route to load. Build of 110491 or greater. This route includes two sessions. A Tour session and a unlocked Base session for you to have fun with.


One of the smallest complete railroad systems, the Museum of Science and Industry's original model railroad was the largest of its kind in the world when it opened in 1941. Designed by Minton Cronkhite, the railroad covered 2,340 square feet of floor space and was built in Q scale, which paired 1:45 scale trains with 2-rail O gauge track. The various scenes on the model railroad illustrated the role of the railroad within U.S. industry and agriculture throughout the desert southwest. It included 1,000 feet of track and 40 switches operated by an automatic control board.

When it closed in May of 2002, our model railroad had been in service for over six decades, serving as one of the most well-known and beloved exhibits in the Museum. It had seen several enhancements over the years as new technologies helped railroads to operate more safely and efficiently. It was also one of the first railroads in the country to run "diesel" engines as they replaced steam engines.

Today, the Museum's railroad exhibit, The Great Train Story, once again tells the modern railroad story. The newer layout is 50 percent larger than the original railroad and has the ability to operate more than 30 trains, rather than the original 10.


One of the most amazing model railroads in the world, this prototypical representation will spark your imagination. Take a ride from Chicago to Seattle via Amtrak. Starting at Union Station and traveling through the Indiana Dunes to Mineral Springs on your way to Seattle. On your return you will pass Last Chance Falls and see the construction of a 4th mainline track. Then back into town to Union Station. Take a Tug Boat Tour, jump on board and watch the drawbridges and city life from a Riverview. Plenty more action with lots of trains and industries.

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