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Industrial Mayhem

Industrial Mayhem by CDE Trainz

Large Route with plenty for beginners to advanced Trainz players. Utilizing the latest technologies such as PBR textures and NVIDIA TurfFX effects, this route delivers. Compatible with TRS19 and TRS22, you will have hours of enjoyment.

Fictional route built in the rust belt of the United States. This map has hundreds of baseboards, miles and miles of track, and thousands of assets with many industries that need products delivered and shipped. Passengers will need to get to their jobs. Challenge yourself with a dizzying number of logistical tasks. Included are 7 sessions with the package. An unlocked base session, helicopter tour and industry tour. Interactive coal run, passenger run, fuel run and a challenging hump yard session.


Official Asset Page

Includes list of sessions, images and details


PDF color map of Mayhem County Download

Industrial Mayhem Map


Hump Yard Sorting setup Tutorial

A tutorial and downloadable PDF on how to configure the CDE Trainz Hump Sort assets





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