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Trainz Hump Yard Sorting Tutorial
We will show you here how to make a functioning hump sort yard in Trainz. All assets referenced are available on the DLS or from your Content Manager. You can download a local copy of these instructions in a PDF format.
CDE Hump Sort rev5.pdf 12/26/2022

CDE Hump Sort Assets
Authorized revisions originally created by trev999
A tutorial explaining how to configure the CDE Trainz Hump Sort assets. Used for automating railyard hump sorting with Trainz Railroad Simulator. The images in this tutorial are for TRS19 and TRS22 Surveyor 1.0, but the tutorial works for TANE as well.
Key Assets;
Optional Assets;
These assets are free to use for personal use. You may modify them and redistribute them only if it is free of charge and the all the creators are mentioned. Any commercial use is prohibited unless express written permission is granted through CDE Trainz.
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