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CDE Trainz World Origin Tool
Latitude Longitude Conversion and Setting Altitude
Using Surveyor, the World Origin tool in the Edit Environment Location tab does not act as you would believe in TANE, TMR17 and TRS19. You may have experienced one of these unexpected results;
  • Unable To Adjust Altitude
  • Pressing Reset Erases Custom Altitudes
  • No Way In Surveyor To Restore Custom Altitudes
These calculators will create the world-origin script lines for your config.txt file to set the latitude, longitude and altitude of your Trainz Route. After you have submitted edits to your config.txt file, DO NOT use the Environment - World Origin Tool as it may result in one of the conditions listed above. For the Latitude and Longitude portion, use these calculators to convert coordinates from standard DD and DMS formats to Trainz format of DMM, Degrees and decimal minutes. If you left the auto populate option on, Google will find the correct elevation for the coordinates you enter. You may enter your own Altitude, the field is in Meters as per Trainz specs. If you need help getting coordinates for a specific location read the Help after the calculators on this page.

Step 1. Only Uncheck Auto Populate for Custom Altitudes
Step 2. Use one of the calculators below for your code snippet
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DMS or Degrees Minutes Seconds to Trainz DMM. Commonly used in GPS devices
Latitude Degrees: °Minutes: 'Seconds: "
Longatude Degrees: °Minutes: 'Seconds: "
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DD or Decimal Degrees to Trainz DMM. Commonly used on Google
Latitude Degrees: Longitude Degrees:
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These settings are for the World Origin. In Surveyor, they are located from the Menu under Edit Environment. The World Origin is a point on your Route, usually the North West corner of the first baseboard that was auto placed when the Route was created. If you click on the magnifying glass icon or 'Go to world origin'. It will move your view to where the World Origin is on the map.

You can add a World Origin marker object, but it's function is unknown, and will actually hide your maps real World Origin. We do not advise adding one. If you already placed a World Origin object on your map, you can remove it using the Objects F3 Delete Object D tool.

Once you have found the true world-origin point, you can use the calculators above to create the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude World Origin code snippet for your config.txt file. After you edit and submit the changes, when you return to Surveyor, the base elevation will be set to wherever the World Origin object is. All assets on the map will be relative to the base elevation, so it will appear as nothing has changed, but you can see what it did by clicking on the Topology F1 tab and then on Get Height. Your new altitude should show in the Height Value text box.

The last icon is a wrench or 'Get world origin'. DO NOT USE. Our tests have shown that certain combinations of actions can result in your Route becoming corrupted, previously set altitude reset to zero and coordinates set back to some sort of game preset. Use our tools above and edit your config.txt file instead, and you will not have to deal with the broken interface.

The easiest way to get a set of coordinates at the city level, is to do a Google search for ' LAT LONG city name '. To get an exact Geo location of a landmark for example, you may need to use a mapping site like Once you have your latitude and longitude, the calculators will automatically match the coordinates and return the current elevation if you did not input an elevation manually.







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