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CDE Trainz
Routes and Sessions for Trainz Railroad Simulator
Trainz T:ANE (TANE) and Trainz TRS 2019 (TRS19)
CDE Trainz has free routes for your train simulation enjoyment, made for TANE and TRS19. Free connectable Routes and Sessions. CDE Trainz Route Building Blocks are small routes with a few baseboards that can be easily merged and connected to build your own custom Routes for Trainz Railroad Simulator.
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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS19)
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Tools, Assets, Scripts, Routes

Trainz Route Building Block Sections Built for Trainz T:ANE and Trainz TRS2019.
They can be combined together or added to your Routes Works with Auran N3V Trainz TANE and TRS19

We give Trainz users a way to easily create Routes by merging our Route pieces together to make driveable Routes and Sessions within minutes. We have some already on the Trainz DLC and are searchable in game or in your Trainz Content Manager for free. Search 'CDE' to find them. We also are going to combine our Route sections together and create Sessions that you may purchase at a very reasonable price on the website here (coming soon).

Current Route sections are developed in TANE and have been tested in TRS19. Both platforms require that you download missing dependancies if you load from a CDP and do not use the DLC or CM. If you download from the DLC or CM, the missing depedancies will download correctly. There are no PayWare assets needed, everything you need is free and readily available if you own a fully licenced version of Trainz TANE or TRS19. Most everything works with TMR17 and is fully compatible with some minor fixes, we are currently testing this to make sure and figuring it out. If you have difficullty with TRM17, contact us and we will try to help you out.

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