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CDE Trainz
Free Routes, Sessions and Assets for Trainz TS12, TANE, TMR17, TRS19 and TRS22.
CDE Trainz has free routes and sessions for Trainz, as well as in game payware routes and sessions. We also create free scenery, industry and other types of Trainz assets for your train simulation enjoyment. We have made assets for TS12, TANE, TMR17, TRS19 and TRS22. Our Free connectable Trainz Routes, Scenery, Industry and Drivers are all compatible with current Trainz installations. CDE Trainz Route Building Blocks are small routes with a few baseboards that can be easily merged and connected to build your own custom Routes for Trainz Railroad Simulator.

New Routes

New Assets


Payware Routes

  • Industrial Mayhem
    RC Final
    on the TCCP Now
  • Florida Railroad Museum Model Railroad
    Available Now on Preview Pass Plus More Here

  • Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Model Railroad
    Available Now More Here

  • Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel Model Railroad CDE
    3 to 4 months out

Freeware Routes

Our current Free Trainz Route Building Block Sections are built for Trainz T:ANE SP2 and Trainz TRS2019. They can be combined together or added to your Routes. Works with Auran N3V Trainz TANE, TMR17, TRS19 and TRS22

Easily create Routes by merging our Route pieces together to make drivable Routes and Sessions within minutes. We have these on the Trainz DLC and are searchable in game or in your Trainz Content Manager for free. Search 'CDE' to find them.

Current Route sections are developed in TANE SP2 and have been tested in TRS19. There are no Payware assets needed, everything you need is free and readily available if you own a fully licensed version of Trainz.

The current freeware routes have not been through the new Trainz Content Creation Program, also known as TCCP for short. With this new process, assets that show up as 'built-in' for the content creator are identified as part of an upgraded Trainz pack. For example TANE Deluxe and Platinum, Routes and Sessions install 'packs' that are marked as built-in in the Content Manager, but if a TANE Standard tries to install the route with that asset, it shows up as Payware, unknown or similar.

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Featured Routes

Florida Rail Road Museum Model Railroad
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Model Railroad
CDE Auto Plant Chrysler
CDE Ore Valley
CDE T Intersection LH Connector
CDE Oil Refinery West
CDE Logging Camp
CDE Short River Station
CDE Turn 90 NW
CDE Turn 90 NE
CDE Turn 90 SW
CDE Turn 90 SE
Industrial Mayhem
CDE Auto Plant Chrysler TRS19
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