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Building Routes Sections in TANE that can be combined or added to your Routes
Works with N3V Trainz T:ANE, TMR17 and TRS19

To give Trainz users a way to easily create Routes by merging our Route pieces together to make driveable Routes and Sessions within minutes. We also have combined our Route sections together and created Sessions that you may purchase at a very reasonable price. Either way we can expand your Trainz experience just by signing up on our website.

Current Route sections are developed in TANE and have been tested in TRS19. Both platforms require that you download missing dependancies. All missing dependancies are easily available using the Content Manager and simply downlonding them. There are no PayWare assets needed, everything you need is free and readily available if you own a fully licenced version of Trainz TANE or TRS19. We belive that TMR17 is fully compatible also, but we are currently testing this to make sure.


Site Building History


Site being developed with Microsoft .NET Visual Studio 2017
All information listed here, date and time, is in North American Format

Sitre moved to with SSL installed
Was a subdomain of prior 9/22/2018

My Account, Purchases, Content pages added.
Now working on KUID verification so users can beging uploading 8/31/2018

You can now create an account with us 7/18/2018

Fixed the SSL vulnerability that allowed non SSL users to sneak in 7/15/2018

News will now go newest first from now on. Stress tested the user account creation and login, found a bunch of mistakes in the countries that begin with the letter 'B'. Fixed them all and now every country has been tested. Almost ready to start allowing account creations. Next step will be to setup the download area for account holders 7/11/2018.

Site Administration Panel Complete 4/15/2018
Contact Form Fully Functional and Complete 4/20/2018
Added Triple 3DES Crypto Technology to safeguard user’s information 4/24/2018

Currently Working on User Account Login... Our goal with this portion of the project is for people from anywhere on the planet Earth to be able to sign up, and be able to enter their Earth address

7/1/2018 Finished all ISO Country Code mailing formats for the signup form, took over 2 months. We used ISO ALPHA-2 Code Countries. We found 5 basic address formats, 3 of which use dropdowns. Our Country sub database now contains around 1000 entries which include province, island, state, region, etc. This took longer than expected, the work continues, should be able to actually start having people start creating accounts in the next couple weeks. Our past projects were only for North American users, so this was a big jump for us. Development should start to move more rapidly now...



Welcome to CDE Trainz... April 2018.

Trainz A New Area or TANE Routes coming soon from Trainz forum user Christopher824

Many Merge route sections coming in the next few weeks...

We will also be adding the many helpfull route building tutorials we have made over the past few years.

We are also reviewing the TNI API for possible adaptation.


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